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Dec 2, 2013 4:00pm PST
getting into their normal place of work. the city's main square was surrounded by barricades. the chant was revolution. the president's office was ringing with riot police. tonight, from inside those defenses, he gave a lengthy interview in which he appealed for calm. >> members of the government and the security services and the people on the rallies must all , he toldhe law interviewers from four different tv channels. >> but his rivals called on him to step down. foreign language] >> there is still an arab determination from the protesters thomas who say they won't go away until the president resigns -- from the protesters, who say they won't go away until the president resigns. >> we want to see a new leader and government here in the ukraine. >> i think most people will stay here. all of the ukraine is coming here. >> people are coming every day. >> it is just the beginning. >> the trigger for these protests was the president's decision to postpone ukraine's move toward the european union and away from russia. for many, especially in the western half of this divided country, that w
Dec 4, 2013 4:00pm PST
station to the itth of mexico city is where was stolen. the truck taking to a storage point was seized at gun as the driver made an overnight stop. he was tied up before he was able to hit the are a hrarpl. was to ink the motive steal the vehicle. the vehicle wases are expensive mechanisms to unload heavy material. that type of theft is common from that area. why we feel the people who did this have no idea what they stole. what are the dangers? toep truck was the iso cobalt 60. can be produced as a by-product from a hospital where medical sterilization is one of uses and the other is cancer treatment by means of radio therapy. ut the great danger is a so-called dirty bomb mixing it explosives could spread radioactive material over a large area. has a powerful emitter so if were you to radiate someone they would have radiation poisoning after a time unless the person who knows what apart is taking it knowledgeable. he would probably kill himself before he could hurt anyone else. >> the authorities insist the missing cargo is suitably well protected. agency rnational energy aid at the
Dec 3, 2013 4:00pm PST
that the city of detroit will be able to reorganize its billions of dollars in debt, which means pensioners and other creditors could receive much less than they are owed. and spectacular pictures from italy where europe's active volcano is erupting again. it is the 19th time the mountain has thrown longer into the sky. there were no injuries, nor any need for evacuations, but a number of flights to the nearby airport were diverted. a russian dancer has been sentenced to six years in jail for his part in an acid attack on the artistic director of the bolshoi ballet company in moscow. he suffered severe burns and damaged eyesight as a result of the assault. james robbins has the story. >> the world's most famous ballet company. bolshoi literally means big. it employs over 200 dancers, and in good times, rings russia great precision -- great pressed each. rivalrywhen passionate turns into a salt. send to a penal colony for six years, convicted of an acid attack on the artistic director he blamed for favoring others for leading roles. the ex-convict hitman was given 10 years and the getaway dr
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3